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The company's CEO tells you what are the factors that determine our health.


Movie "My DNA Says I Love You" is about the everchanging with the development of biotechnology, human DNA sequencing have almost been completed, decide the fate of one gene is untied. Soon, people can control gene expression by drugs, gradually change their gene expression, change their personality and destiny. The nanometer technology will also reduce chemical and biological laboratories into a paper, as long as something like a pregnancy test piece like that, you can read the secret of genes, love paper also therefore popular. Humans have paid more and more attention to the subject of genetic research and development, hoping to achieve a breakthrough in many fields through unraveling mysteries.


As we all know, gene has stored the information of life's race, blood type, breeding, growing, and apoptotic process, determine the lifetime health trends. Without doubt, whether people are sick or not, is not only a matter of genes, environment and sometimes greater impact lifestyle. For example, about 5 percent of people carry the gene prone to mental illness, these mental disease-related genes in the vast majority of carriers as long as nothing exciting life would not develop the disease, and only when they are in a high stress (such as occurred war, suffered a major grievance).



Another example, there are two brothers who are living together, but one of them thin and another one looks fat. The deciding factors of all this is the gene. The fate of people is difficult to predict, but the health of a person's life is still very easy to predict. According to one of our parent’s physically strong degree, we will be able to predict the health of their children.


The two brothers have had a lot of biological characteristics, such as fiery or quiet, running speed, musical talent, computing power, etc., will inherit the characteristics of the parents of one of them. But this inheritance is relatively relatively random, not specifically inherit all the characteristics of either one of the parents. Studied biology knows that everyone will each inherit a gene from his father, mother at a total of 2 copies of the same gene. So, why everyone looks different, different personalities, born of the same disease is not it? It turned out that 2 parts of genes in the details are different, different details on these people led to the appearance, personality and character to all the features on. The basic character of people will actually hereditary. So health-related genes? Will certainly genetic.



There are 18,000 kinds of all diseases that can be observed in human body, in addition to burn all diseases have a genetic background, in other words gene works as internal factors. Someone can’t understand, I had a cold, the flu virus, what’s the relationship between the cold and my gene? In fact, there is a critical relationship. Someone often gets cold, someone seldom, someone even never, and this is because the influenza virus to infect cells in the respiratory mucosa us, we need to provide an enzyme to activate the influenza virus. This activated enzyme influenza virus genes is that you control and production of various enzymes produced each person there are differences in the amount and activity, but this difference is determined by the gene. So even though we live together, someone will get the flu while others can be exempted, not a fluke event, which is backed by genes at work.


However, if someone in the same family have the flu, which means the vast majority of members are often infected with the flu, because there is a blood relationship between them, there is a genetic association. If a person's parents got the flu, then that person without proper measures are generally not spared of.



Is there some ways to avoid the flu? Of course there is. When you know your genetic background is not good, and will certainly get the flu, you can take a lot of measures to prevent, for example, to go outside to temporarily live (as long as one week, the patient will lose the ability to infect the flu to others), or every day with vinegar (acetic acid or disease) fumigation room, so that their airway in the acidic state, you can avoid to activate the influenza virus and infect your respiratory mucosa cells.


Therefore, the genetic background determines the probability of illness health trends and life, and life habits and diseaserelated knowledge determine whether a person will suffer from a disease ultimately and determine the quality of life of a person's life.