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Lycopene & Resveratrol

Why need to combine Lycopene and Resveratrol?


Why need to combine Lycopene and Resveratrol? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

The structures of lycopene and resveratrol, one red and one white, were determined in the 1930’s, and for the past 20 years both substances have been widely used as dietary supplements, but only in low concentrations and dosages.  The long list of studies conducted over this long period of time has proven that both substances are safe, effective and valuable health products that will cause no toxicity at any given amount, suggesting that both substances can be consumed as dietary supplements in high dosages without any safety concerns.

HSIEHS BIOTECH is a research oriented biotechnology company whose core value is to focus on researching and developing the best value health products.  

After more than 10 years of research, our research team has proven that the combination of lycopene and resveratrol has amazing effects when consumed in a high dosage.  

Throughout the years, we have carried out a series of genetic and molecular studies and have applied for an international patent.  

Study results will be published in internationally renowned science journals in the near future.  

In fact, not a single study of animal tests and human trials regarding the effects of the combination of these two substances can be found elsewhere.  HSIEHS BIOTECH will continue to provide innovative study results as fast as it can on the basis of protecting its intellectual property rights.
Why are there no similar products on the market? The two reasons are described as followed:

      1.High manufacturing costs: 

Although lycopene and resveratrol have been used for years, their concentration in tomatoes and grapes is low. A basketful of tomatoes and hundreds of bottles of wine are needed to make one GOLDEN LYPRES® capsule.  It is even more challenging to manufacture a product that not only contains high lycopene purity, but is also easily absorbed and can withstand long-term storage conditions at a low cost.

      2.Most scientists overlook the value and importance of lycopene and resveratrol as health supplements made from each of them are already available.

The fact that neither of these two substances is new proves that both of them are safe, and this is exactly what made the invention of GOLDEN LYPRES®possible.  The highest priority for dietary supplements is safety, and the only way to emphasize its effects is by increasing the amount of active substances to a maximum value that does not exceed the safety range.  In reality, this involves a major cost increase which can only be brought down by new technology. This is how GOLDEN LYPRES® was created.