Natural antioxidant
Lycopene & Resveratrol


GMP Certification:      
        GMP covers all aspects of production from plants to production floor, staff training, personal hygience, air and water purification, production process and documentation. Particularly,it is an autonomous system which emphasize product quality and safety during production process .

        Drug manufacturers should prioritize health and safety issues during production, possesses good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict inspection system to ensure the final product quality is in line with regulatory requirements.

        State Administration of Food and Drug stipulates drug manufacturer should achieve new GMP requirements before December 31,2015. Failing to get certification within the prescribed period shall not continue with drugs production .With impending deadline now, a large number of pharmaceutical companies are facing survival test.

        HSIEHS BIOTECH ,with integrity as our core value,  has acted cautiously in good faith. Golden Lypres, as a dietary supplement, is produced under the  most stringent pharmaceutical standards of production. Each step is strictly in accordance with international standards, and obtained GMP certification through international third-party certification authority TUV Germany. We have pure natural raw material, well-equipped laboratory, safe and hygienic production plant and dedicated full time staff.

        GOLDEN LYPRES withstands the most stringent test.