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Launching of Golden Lypres® on Suncity VIP Clubs’E-Mall Shopping Platform in Macau


Recently, Hsiehs Biotech (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has successfully entered into close partnership with Suncity Group, launching its health supplement brand – GOLDEN LYPRES® on Suncity VIP Clubs’ E-Mall shopping platform in Macau. Suncity Group has 17 grand VIP Clubs across Macau and has its luxury membership and services. They are known to be leading the Macau entertainment industry. GOLDEN LYPRES® is now available on E-Mall, the one-stop luxurious shopping platform, in every Suncity VIP Clubs from July onwards. Suncity VIP Club members are able to use their accumulated points to redeem GOLDEN LYPRES® on E-Mall as well as purchasing the product with cash or credit card.



GOLDEN LYPRES® is retailing at HK$6,000/box (30 capsules) and HK$12,000/box (60 capsules) on E-Mall and at retail stores in Hong Kong and Macau. With Suncity Club membership, members are able to redeem a box of 30 GOLDEN LYPRES® capsules with 7500 points or a box of 60 GOLDEN LYPRES® capsules with 15000 points. Please contact the staff at Suncity VIP Clubs to redeem the products.




For more information or direct purchase of GOLDEN LYPRES®, please call or visit Hsiehs Biotech (Macau) Pte. Ltd..


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