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Golden Lypreshas been honored with the Gold Product for Public Health Award 2017


As a member of ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations, the Vietnam Association of Functional Food (VAFF) presents an annual “Gold Product for Public Health” Award to honor excellent health products with high quality and safety. The award recognizes the effectiveness of health products for enhancing public health.




On 22 July 2017, VAFF has selected 4 products to be the gold winners and awarded 105 products with the “Gold Product for Public Health” Award.



Hsiehs Biotech is honored to receive a gold trophy for having its product, GOLDEN LYPRES®, being selected as one of the four gold winners of Gold Product for Public Health Award 2017.


The chairman of VAFF mentioned that the selection of gold winners is based on the four primary criteria – product quality, business operation, social contribution and its competitiveness. Gold winners ought to have excellent product quality, safety, and capacity to meet consumer needs. Besides that, the production process should also comply with the environmental protection standards. Gold winners had to have strong market competition and export potential.



Over the years, Hsiehs Biotech has been focusing on the research to reveal the mysterious functions of natural plants. The development of GOLDEN LYPRES® has achieved a breakthrough in international high-end health product.

GOLDEN LYPRES® is a natural, pure and healthy product that helps protect your health.