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Honor Hall of [Golden Lypres] • Achieving “Gold Product for Public Health Award” Successively


On May 8th 2016, Golden Lypres ® has won the "Gold Medal for Public Health" Award again. This is the third time Golden Lypres ® has been awarded by joint organization of VAFF and Asia Trade Fair & Business Promotion (Holdings) (ATFA), and ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Associations (AAHSA) awarded prizes.


At the award ceremony, the Chairman mentioned that the chronic disease is controllable and preventable. Nutritional supplements can help to maintain a balance nutrition in human body,enhance the body's immune system, thereby prevent the human disease factors, and have a healthy body. 

This selection provides a platform for consumers to choose a high quality, high safety health supplement food. Golden Lypres ® has won the award three consecutive times, given the full recognition and confidence for the product’s value and market position of product. In addition, Golden Lypres® has also been obtained other relevant standard international quality certification, it is a high-end healthy food in market.