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Golden Lypres’ Formal Marketing Channel Declaration


Notice to Dearest Customers:

Recently there has been enquiries made by several customers in regards to the matter on Golden Lypres being sold on Taobao, Hsiehs Biotech responds as follow:

Golden Lypres ®, Hsiehs Biotech currently does not authorize any e-commerce company such as Taobao, etc., to sell our products. Therefore, we will not be able to guarantee the authenticity of the products sold. If you have any purchase needs or inquiries in regards to the products, and in order to make sure all consumers are protected from the quality and safety of our products, please directly contact our Customer Service staffs at the respective regions. All contact information through phone call services and email could be found on our official website. Thank you for your concern and support to our company!


Yours Sincerely,