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The human body is a complex, highly organized structure! Besides the regular health care, the daily nutritional supplement is necessary!


It used to be only the elderly will choose health care products, but now every white-collar worker takes a few supplement pills after meals. We seem to have entered a stage of taking "supplement" frequently. Indeed, rather than wait to be sick and takes medicine, it is better to strengthen the immune defenses in advance! So, quickly find your own health "supplement".


When you are 20+

Twenty years old is the most hard-work period of life. At this age, most unhealthy habits are practiced such as irregular eating habits and less sleep, as well as staring at the computer more than 8 hours during the day and iPad on hands all the time during the night. All of these are done when young! Over time, the original clear and translucent eyes become increasingly bleak, dry and soreness, congestion symptoms are excruciating.


Nutrition: Blueberries


Besides the rich nutrients in blueberries, they contain anthocyanins that can accelerate blood flow in the eye capillaries, thereby enhancing vision, maintaining bright eyes and improving the soreness of dry eye.


Dietary Supplements: Vitamin A

It is advisable of taking some foods that contain high Vitamin A. For example, a variety of animal liver, cod liver oil, milk and eggs as well as a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts food.

Did you really look rosy when you see yourself through the mirror? Women who suffered from iron deficiency anemia, they will not only feel dizziness, palpitations, tinnitus, insomnia, memory loss, a yellowish tinge of the face, pale complexion and lips, dry skin and hair, but will cause premature skin wrinkles, hair loss and pigmentation also. Therefore, iron supplement became a top priority supplement of 20+ women.


Nutrition: Iron

Iron is an essential trace element in the human body, especially to maintain women's health. It is an important raw element for the synthesis of hemoglobin in the human body. We can improve the anemia through food or oral iron supplement pills.


Dietary Supplements: Seafood

Foods contain high iron sources include animal liver, kidney, blood, lean meat, eggs, seafood such as fish, shrimp, seaweed, jellyfish, soy products, red dates, black fungus and so on. Besides that, eating more algae food can increase blood iron level effectively.


When you are 30+

When you are thirty years old, you will be mentally overloaded and physically labor as well as making yourself overwhelmed due to pressure from the workplace, interpersonal, family and other pressures. The stool will be accumulated, and then it will produce a large number of enterotoxins. When toxins enter the body, it easily causes body fatigue, bad breath, skin acne, irregular menstruation and other problems.


Nutrition: Probiotics, Dietary Fiber and Enzymes

The maximum efficacy of probiotics is to help us maintain the intestinal tract and play a role in regulation effect. Intake some dietary fiber capsules to promote intestinal peristalsis and improve constipation.

Enzymes are usually made from vegetables, fruits, whole grains and seaweed and other plants through fermentation. Enzymes act as biological catalysts in the decomposition process. Enzymes include the digestive enzymes which help to break down starch, protein, fat and so on. Besides reducing salt and saturated fat intake in the diet, we should increase the intake of enzymes, which can help to slow down the recession, maintain a healthy body, and to prevent various diseases. Thus, it is healthier than taking medicine.


Dietary Supplements: Black Rice and Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Intake of some black rice, strawberries, pears, cauliflower, broccoli, leek, celery, carrots, bitter gourd, soybeans, seaweed and edible fungus which are rich in dietary fiber usually.

Physiological characteristics of women showed that the loss of various trace elements during the menstrual period. One of the most serious losses is calcium. Nutrients in black rice are an effective supplement to the osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency in women. Today, most of the women have calcium deficiency situation, but only a few noticed they have a calcium deficiency, so this kind of disease is also known as the "silent killer" of women.


When you are 40+

Women will face problems of menopause at this age. With the gradual decline of ovarian function, secretion of estrogen and progesterone in the body of female will gradually reduce or even disappear. It will bring a series of adverse reactions such as emotional excitement, irritability, facial flushing and so on. Besides that, physical, mental and social adaptability will be reduced as well.


Nutrition: Soy Isoflavones

It is recommended to supplement green plant hormones in the diet. It has been found that there are about 400 kinds of plant estrogen. The most common type of plant estrogen is soy isoflavones. The structure of soy isoflavones and estrogen in the female body is similar. It plays a role of supplement to the estrogen in the human body.


Dietary Supplements: Phytoestrogens

It is recommended to eat some soybeans, mung beans, bean sprouts, garlic, sugar beet and so on. They are very beneficial to estrogen supplement. At the same time, fresh royal jelly, flaxseed, cereals, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, onions, wine, peanut butter and other foods, also contain a certain amount of estrogen.