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Good News — Completed Store Renovation at Sheraton Hotel, Saigon

Golden Lypres ® welcomes you with its delicate and luxurious interior design- the harmonizing fusion of red and white, and the warm and professional service!

Golden Lypres ®, one of the representatives of high-end products in Vietnam had its retail store launched at Sheraton Saigon Hotel located in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 5 years ago. The location has become more well-established and recognizable for the customers over the years.

The retail store has just been fully upgraded recently. The 3 colors red, white and gold are integrated into the exquisite design of the whole interior, highlighting the product’s high-end standard and quality. 

By having the excellent choice of location and keeping consistent quality of both products and services, Golden Lypres ® is able to serve premier shopping experiences to the customers, as well as ensuring the satisfaction of customer’s demand for health.