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Means to cope with the immune system of cancer


Growth of cancer cells from a tumor to take away chunks of human life, is also considered a difficult journey.


The first step to be able to evade the immune system monitor. The immune system in the human body is like a police station in the country. We tumor seen gangs, so gang members to develop the first to buy the police, so that police officers not to interfere with their business even colluding with them. To evade the immune system also needs to do a lot of things, such as the expression of MHC molecules to be reduced, so that cancer cells can not effectively presenting specific antigen. However, if the cut excessive MHC molecules, will be NK (Natural Killer) cells recognize, so to find a way to suppress the NK cells, reducing their number of cells. And this means is to use "chemical weapons" to deal with interference from the immune system.



Cancer cells by inhibiting cell factor secretion strong immune system, such as TGF-β, IL-10, IL-13, etc., to suppress the immune system from the source.


In order to develop into tumors, cancer cells need to be able to induce cells secrete angiogenesis factor. That is the construction of the railway transport of nutrients to the cell mass formed by the cancer cells, so as to maintain the required speed proliferation. Only when the cancer cells have this ability only have the ability to develop into tumors.



The socalled tumors in animals must be able to form a "big lump" of cancer cells. The larger size of the tumor, the immune system repair work will be more difficult. This is because the amount of "chemical weapons" out of the tumor secretion with volume increases.


In advanced stage of cancer, the immune system is completely controlled by the tumor secreted out of "chemical weapons", in an extreme state of disorder. That is, the tumor cells obviously no longer normal human tissues, the immune system does not think it has anything unusual, send it "good card", let him run growth.



People who have cancer, do not have any early signs, etc., it was found are late. This fully shows that the tumor cells, cunning, clever description of its means of concealment. Tumor cells of the immune system to deal with the overall strategy is to own weak when the first camouflage, deception, to hide to hide; when he became strong, the pressure on the use of chemical weapons, and disrupt the immune system, atrocious.