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Why there will be resistance to chemotherapy?


Tumors are thousands of cells at the genetic level and standard of different diseases in general. That is why, in different parts of the tumor require different chemotherapy drugs, the use of different treatment options.



Now the tumor therapy in hospital, often conduct a surgery, then chemotherapy. In fact the first time that chemotherapy for cancer cells surprisingly good, but unfortunately most of the time the tumor cells rapidly grow back, so the need for chemotherapy again. But the effect is not ideal second chemotherapy, and the third time, is often the only killing normal cells and difficult to kill cancer cells.



Why is this so? The reason also lies with loss of function of tumor suppressor genes, genes maintain the function is not, so a wide variety of cancer cells will change the gene level. So for the first time when the chemotherapy, much like the use of antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, as there will always be some of the antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and then will quickly grow up, never without killing these antibiotics. So, chemotherapy is preferably carried out only once.



Of course, if the first and second chemotherapy chemotherapy interval for several years, it would still have a good effect.