Take control ,
of your own health, with Hsiehs

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Today, we provide a "Supreme recipe" which is applicable to the health management of everybody. Please be assured that if you do according to the method described here, you will be able to reduce the probability of illness for more than 90%!



1.Start from concerning about your own genes


Everyone is a product of the gene, and genes diversity. So each person's health status is not the same, the type and age of disease is not the same. To be concerned about their genetic background, the easiest way is to pay attention to your parents and relatives, they tend to suffer from what disease, you should pay attention to how to prevent these diseases.



2. A regular rhythm of life


A regular rhythm of life, had already been considered to be the secret of longevity. Modern biology has demonstrated that having enough amount of sleep, is the first requirement of human health. If one stay overnight playing mahjong, his immune system will be at the height of the inhibitory state within a few days. The low immune status is an important condition for tumorigenesis.


3.Natural Dietary Supplements




In the evolutionary process , people eating foods rich in nutrients necessary for survival in long term, so when human beings lose the ability to synthesize these substances also after still survive very well. But now it is no longer a nutritious diet , so when there is a partial eclipse of the habit , it is easy because of the lack of these essential nutrients and let himself in a healthy condition . Add natural, safe , high -quality dietary supplements can change the sub-health status.





4.Moderate exercise




Human beings are also animals, the animal's nature is to move. When a person is resting at home doing nothing, they will immediately get a variety of diseases. It is recommended not to stop work immediately after retirement, but should continue to look for something to make themselves busy. Moderate exercise should control what extent? It should be 2 times a week, every 30 minutes to sweat. Moderate physical exercise a lot of advantages: improve immunity, increase blood HDL concentration to reduce cardiovascular disease, prevent obesity, stress relaxation, relieve "tired heart." Vary the type of exercise, you can walk every day, tai chi, tennis, or golf. Everyone can follow their own actual situation to choose sport. Older people should also be considered moderate sun exposure, because older susceptible to osteoporosis, calcium is not resolved by the problem, the sun can synthesize vitamin D, which is necessary for the bones absorb calcium vitamin . 20 minutes per week is recommended to sun tanning. Another approach, supplements resveratrol supplements which can regulate collagen metabolism and stable the network structure of collagen , protect the lives of calcium, to prevent its loss.







Proper diet can increase life expectancy and reduce the incidence of cancer, reducing cardiovascular disease and diabetes and obesity. Moderate to control their appetite, but also help you live longer. Middle-aged people should consider eat more vegetables, eat less meat dishes. The amount of food control at seven, eight full, and you will benefit enormously. Descendants of nomads if you are a non-meat would not be happy, you should consider options such herbivores cattle and sheep, there will not be through the food chain and accumulate excessive harmful compounds. It is noteworthy that now, because of marine pollution, fish accumulate harmful substances problem is particularly acute. Remember, food is a price. Scottish proverb, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Wisdom of the ancients is the result of the test of history, and of unlimited value.





 6.Emotional control



Good or bad mood have great effects in our health! Let their feelings keep happy, can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, anti-aging benefits of infinity. Do not confused by trifles, we are all a vast universe of dust, let bygones be bygones. Also, culturing ideological realm of helping others, because one with mood, at the same time can bring joy to others, will be able to live more valuable!