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Halal Certification:


Halal, comes from the Arabic: حلال, English as: Halaal, halāl , halal, intent in Arabic as "legitimate", the English translation is "Permitted".


It is in line with Muslims living habits and needs of food, medicines, cosmetics and food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic additives. In general, except those prohibited by "Koran" or forbid by reliable and clearly stated hadith, food is for people to enjoy. Islam gives people the freedom to eat and drink, but food consumed must not be "haram" (illegal) .



Halal (Muslim) product emphasizes good diet. It is strictly hygienic and pay great attention to nutrition and maintaining good health. It is gem of world's food culture treasure trove. Clean and healthy is the main reason Halal products are gaining popularity. For example: "Koran" expressly prohibited corrupted and dead animals. If consume accidentally, will harm the body as corrupted animals will produce harmful chemicals during the corrupting process. Blood has been proven to contain harmful bacteria, metabolic products as well as a variety of toxins that are harmful to human body.

Food industry, food additives, pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry and other industrial products are closely interlinked with people's lives. More and more enterprises have jumped on the bandwagon of halal products in view of its  large population and huge market. The competitive edge from the clean and healthy image of halal product has made it more competitive in international market.


Since halal food meet licensing criteria of Islam, it is healthy and hygienic. Halal food must strictly adhered to the specified conditions stipulated right from the source of food . It shall comply with the following conditions: 1. According to the rulings, halal food cannot consist of prohibited food compound ; 2. Do not use any facilities and appliances that violate the rulings of Islam during production, storage, transportation and sales ; 3. During the process of  production, storage, transportation and sales ,it forbid the contact with any prohibited conditions stated above.


With changes in the concept of health, more and more people begin to realize and understand muslim food culture. Halal food is popular, high-quality and clean.

HSIEHS Biotech (Singapore) Limited’s star productGOLDEN LYPRES has been certified by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS) and has obtained halal certification . Ingredients , capsules, production process and transportation is strictly in accordance to rulings . It brings healthy present to vast consumers.


Ps: the Majlis Ugama Islam Singapore (MUIS), established in 1968,also known as the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore  is the highest Islamic authority responsible for dealing with Muslim affairs and is a national statutory body . It is one of the world's most famous and most professional international Halal Certification (HALAL certification) bodies. It provides services and carries out activities and ensures Muslim law is complied to in the process of transportation, production, processing, storage ,sales and display of  halal food.